LIGHTer International Conference 2024-06-18

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🌟Hello Else-Marie Malmek, we’re excited to have you representing Juteborg Sweden AB as an exhibitor at LIGHTer International Conference on June 18-19! 🌟

What goals and expectations motivated you to join us as an exhibitor?

  • Juteborg’s goal is to “juteify” the participants at the conference! We would like to share knowledge of the natural fiber of jute, “The Golden Fiber”, and showcase high-tech jute composites, JuTech™, from our research projects, partly financed by the LIGHTer program.

Jute is the most sustainable natural fiber in the world but remains largely unknown. Most people think of sacks and ropes and are unaware that jute can be used in high-tech solutions, for example, in the automotive industry, replacing glass fiber reinforcement in mold-injected composites.

Considering the conference theme “Towards net-zero industry through lightweight innovation,” how does Juteborg contribute to this goal?

  • Jute is a lightweight material, and since it can replace glass fiber as reinforcement in many applications, the end product will be lighter. How much lighter depends on the material it replaces. Jute is also biodegradable, compostable, and the process from farmer to factory consumes a minimal amount of energy. Additionally, jute is a fast-growing crop, maturing in only 120 days and binds a significant amount of CO2 annually.

What relationships do you hope to establish during the conference?

  • Juteborg seeks to be a development partner and wishes to cooperate with our end customers in the early design phases, as it is during these phases that the most crucial decisions are made regarding the sustainability of the end product. We are eager to explore more application areas for jute and, therefore, aim to develop more proof of concepts in close cooperation with companies primarily within the automotive, construction, interior, textile, and packaging sectors.