January 18, 2024


Circular Eco System

Juteborg is an R&D partner and a provider of hightech composites; JuTech™, based on the natural fiber jute. Our lightweight material replaces glass- and carbon fiber, plastic, and metals without compromising on quality, price or social aspects.

We deliver industry expertise and circular system solutions across industries; automotive, construction, textile, and packaging.

Proof of Concepts:


JutePP® is a composite granule, based on the natural fiber of jute, PolyPropylene (PP) and some additives. JutePP® is made from a jute yarn and that is why it is so strong that it can replace glass fiber as reinforcement. The amount of jute in JutePP® can be at least up to 50% and the PP used can be virgin, recycled or biobased.

Companies can start their transformation already today, since they can use existing tools for injection molding. Below you can find some examples. Most of the PoC below are natural, i.e. without any color pigments.

JutePP® – Cable Bracket

Juteborg initiated in 2020 the R&D project Cable Bracket in co-operation with the end customer. The Cabel bracket was injection molded with JutePP®, (35% jute reinforcement) and existing mold injection tools. The original component is made with PA66 (30% fiberglass reinforcement). EssgePlast AB, with their great experience made some parameter adjustements on the mold injection machine and the results became excellent. The JutePP® component fulfilled the end-customers highest requirements on impact strenght and the climate tests (-35 degrees to +85 degrees). The component also fulfilled the tests with oil-, salt water- and diesel contact. The JutePP© component was also 27% more lightweight compared to the original component.

The project was financed by the end customer, EssgePlast AB and Juteborg AB.

Project Manager at Juteborg: Else-Marie Malmek

JutePP® – JuteBrush™

This PoC in 2020, was a co-operation between Juteborg AB and AB Kronborstar. The brushes were injection molded with JutePP®; natural, white and black color pigmented. Existing tools were used. The results were great, specifically the white color pigmented WC-brush, “Skitsnygg”.

JutePP® -JuteHanger™

Juteborg AB initiated in 2017 the R&D project JuteHanger, injection molded with JutePP® and existing tools. The JuteHanger fulfilled the end customers functional and economical requirements. Juteborg has a LOI with the end customer.

The project was partly financed by Vinnova.

Project Manager: Else-Marie Malmek, Juteborg AB.

JutePP® – Vertical Farming pipes

JutePP®, developed by Juteborg AB in collaboration with Grow Pipes  AB, revolutionizes vertical farming. This innovative hydroponic system, showcased in a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) in 2022, utilizes JutePP® and existing tools. GROWPIPES, a patented solution, distinguishes itself with remarkable space efficiency, economic sustainability, and user-friendly design. This innovative hydroponic system emphasizes water-efficient cultivation, eliminating the need for soil while optimizing the utilization of space.

The project received partial funding from LIGHTer/Vinnova, marking a significant step towards resource-conscious and effective farming practices.

Project Managers: Christer Tilk, Growpipes AB resp Else-Marie Malmek, Juteborg AB

High Tech Jute Fabrics

High Tech Jute fabrics can be used as a reinforcement in high tech applications and replace non sustainbale alternative e.g. fiberglass. Jute is a natural fiber; compostable, biodegrable, reusable and combustible.

Companies can start their transformation already today, since they can e.g. replace fiberglass in VARI (Vacuum Assisted Resin Injection) processes. Below you can find some examples.


Juteborg initiated in 2019 the R&D project JuteOptimist in collaboration with Ljungby Komposit and SSPA. Ljungby Komposit with solid experience in composite manufacturing in the automotive industry, used VARI (Vaccum Assisted Resin Injection) technology together with JuTech™. JuteOptimist™ is one of several results. The purpose of the project was to develop a prototype to test whether JuTech™ can replace fiberglass in maritime environments as well. Through this cross-border collaboration between the automotive industry and the boat industry, we can show that JuTech™ has a good potential to contribute to significantly more sustainable solutions even in maritime environments. The project was partly financed by LIGHTer/Vinnova.

Project Manager: Else-Marie Malmek, Juteborg AB


Juteborg initiated in 2018 an R&D project together with Clean Motion (CM), Ljungby Komposit and Swerea Sicomp (Rise). The purpose of the project was to analyze if it was possible to use jute fiber fabric as a reinforcment in a VARI process instead of fiberglass. The project resulted in the JuteBee, a Zbee (an Electric Vehicle) with a jute reinforced roof/back part section. The JuteBee fulfilled Clean Motions all functional requirements and the part was about 5 kg more lightweight compared to the original part. To our surprise the surface became incredible beautiful, shimmering like a real pearl! The project was partly financed by LIGHTer/Vinnova.

Project Manager: Else-Marie Malmek, Juteborg AB


Juteborg initiated in 2022 R&D the project JuteBox™ together with Ecoist AB, Högskolan Borås and Rise.

The project developed light bio-based sandwich composites for use in the battery box of electric cars. Environmentally treated jute fibers can offer high mechanical properties and provide a better
interface and adhesion to the hydrophobic polymer. Instead of chemical modifications on the fiber surface, plasma treatment can be applied leading to improved mechanical performance of resulting bio-based sandwich composites making them more competitive in the automotive industry for semi-structural components such as the battery box. The project was partly funded by LIGHTer/Vinnova.

Project Manager: Else-Marie Malmek, Juteborg AB