July 16, 2017

Circular Model

Juteborg’s Circular  Model

Juteborg’s business model is a Circular Value Proposition’ offerings for the potential customers through managing open innovation. Together with different actors – authority, academicians and industry actors Juteborg bring in innovative solution through co-creation. Juteborg has strong network with the renowned researchers with advanced technologies. Using this networks Juteborg has the unique capacity to conduct high tech research & development of the innovations.

Juteborg has several partnerships with world class manufacturers in Bangladesh. These partnerships help in bringing the innovations into finished products for the industrial customers. In addition to that, Juteborg players the role of selling these finished products to the end users. Besides, Juteborg also resells the jute based products by telling the stories of the women empowerment in Bangladesh.

Finally, in the loop, Juteborg also provides the solution to the end of life of the products by recycling the products using high tech mechanical solutions. Juteborg also provides, waste-management of the used materials in the end.