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Intersectional minds for building a sustainable world through business
Jute - the most sustainable material in the world

Juteborg AB is an entrepreneurial development partner of Jute fiber high tech based products with innovative design and services operating in the industries such as: 1) automotive & transportation 2) construction & interior 3) textile & fashion and 4) packaging industries The company was founded in 2013 to give a synergetic effect of more sustainable materials for replacing old bulk-fibers, such as oil-based plastics, wood, metals and other environmentally hazardous materials. Motto: Creating a sustainable future in and through partnership. Jute is the means to its end. Juteborg is driving sustainability by JuteTech (c)

  • Focused on bringing high tech innovative industrial solutions

  • Committed towards open minded cross sectional collaborations

  • Driven with entrepreneurial spirit to make things happen

  • Inspired to promote the versatility of the Jute fiber combining with rock music - #JuteRocks

Farmer to Factory Jute Supply ChainF2F™


The most international and diverse team

Why Jute is the most sustainable material in the world?

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