Digital Sustainability Implementation Package – DSIP

Juteborg Sweden AB is one of 16 partners in the DSIP project

The purpose of DSIP – Digital Sustainability Implementation Package – is to enable a strategic sustainability approach early in the product innovation process. The DSIP package compile a knowledge platform, a data management platform and novel digital tools to evaluate, measure, estimate, predict, set requirement, and simulate expected sustainability performance for alternative product concepts early in the development. The objective is to demonstrate, validate and generalize DSIP for different industrial applications in collaboration with 16 committed project partners. Juteborgs jute granule; JutePP(R), and mold injected Cable Bracked is used as a use case in “Design for sustainability”. The project was initiated in 2021 and finalized in 2023. Vinnova GKN Aerospace Roxtec AB Volvo Chalmers Tekniska Högskola – Inst. för Industri- och materialvetenskap Eurostep Macaroni Studios Malmeken Dynapac IKEA Volvo Construction Equipment AFRY Juteborg Ragnsells i3tex Tetra Pak.

Else-Marie Malmek, Juteborg Sweden AB, mobil: 0708-295454.