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Juteborg formed a comprehensive IP strategy

Juteborg has formed a comprehensive intellectual property right management strategy to protect its Jute based innovations. The IP strategy will support the company’s business model to flourish further. Juteborg, the world leading Jute based innovation & commercialisation company from Västra Götaland region, Sweden, owns the idea, know-how and recipes of jute-based innovations & composites. They Read more about Juteborg formed a comprehensive IP strategy[…]

Juteborg’s F2F™ transforming the Jute value chain

Juteborg AB is continuously driving sustainability by JuteTech – Jute high tech innovation, development and commercialisation while transforming the entire Jute value chain. A day long workshop and training on Farmer to Factory Jute Supply Chain ™(F2F™) has been taken place in the factory premises of Razzaque Jute Industries LTD in Bangladesh on the 23rd Read more about Juteborg’s F2F™ transforming the Jute value chain[…]

JutePP & F2F co-supported by Nordic Climate Facility

Jute, the golden fiber Bangladesh – is the most sustainable material in the world. Bangladesh is sitting on the potential gold mine in the jute economy. Swedish company Juteborg is unleashing the jute potential in different sectors like automotive and transportation, textile and fashion, construction and interior and packaging. Juteborg continuously innovates jute based high Read more about JutePP & F2F co-supported by Nordic Climate Facility[…]

eCon – ‘Nordic Center of Jute’ launched

eCon – Demonstration Lab units showing jute research/materials as a window of sustainability in Sweden/Europe: Archidea AB has got financial support from the Swedish authority of Housing to build up our concept eCon – small innovative affordable housing (apartments) for young people. eCon is going to be the Nordic center of Jute in Europe as Read more about eCon – ‘Nordic Center of Jute’ launched[…]